3DD0100 - SAI Film Frop - 3D Printed Replica

3D Delight

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The Sai - 3D Printed, available as an individual item or as a pair

Great item to every Mummy fan. Can be used as a display piece or for cosplay.

3D Printed in Antique Gold PLA plastic at 0.2mm layer height.

Measures: 49cm long x 16cm wide

The Sai is modelled and 3D Printed by 3D Delight. We tried out best to recreate the Prop, but this is not by any means an exact replica.

Our 3D printed items may have visible print lines and small imperfections. Occasional inconsistencies are a normal occurrence for this type of manufacturing. However, our props are designed to be customised so light sanding and painting will remove these lines and imperfections.