3DD0074 - Film Prop - 3D Printed Replica

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A Ghost Trap  Replica Prop - 3D Printed to look like the famous prop from the Cult movie about a team of Ghost catchers

Got a Ghost in your neighborhood? Who ya gonna call? .......!  and when they arrive, they'll use the Ghost trap to capture the spooks and transport them to the Ecto-Containment System located in the basement of the Firehouse.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend using this prop to secure real ghosts.

Item Comes Fully Assembled.

This item is designed and 3D printed by 3D Delight. We tried our hardest to recreate this prop but this is not, by any means an exact replica.

Our 3D printed items may have visible print lines and small imperfections. Occasional inconsistencies are a normal occurrence for this type of manufacturing. However, our props are designed to be customised so light sanding and painting will remove these lines and imperfections.