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Angel Replica Figures for the Ark of the Covenant - The Lost Ark Angels - 3D Printed

Each Angel comes in two parts. They easily slot together and held in place with a drop of superglue. 

Measurements: 22cm high x 39cm wide

Any worthy fan know what these are and how great they look on a book shelf or to top of a coffee table in the shape of an ark. No matter if you keep it for display or keep it on your desk or build an ark. These Replica Angels will be a wow factor and a conversational ice breaker. 

3D Printed in Gold PLA plastic at 0.2mm layer height. These angels come in one piece. You can chose a single or a pair above add to basket button. 

Designed and 3D Printed by 3D Delight. We tried our best to recreate angels, but they are not by any means an exact replica. 

Look out for the full size Ark of the Covenant replica coming soon...

All 3D Printed items will have visible print lines and little imperfections. 3D Printing is not an exact science and occasional inconsistencies are a normal occurrence of this manufacturing method.