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Yin-Yang Splitting Chakram - 1:1 scale Replica Prop - 3D Printed

The Chakram, made popular by Xena Warrior Princess but it's ancient origins lie in the Indian subcontinent. One of its major purposes is to protect the turban and the head from sword attacks. ... The Chakram is primarily a throwing weapon but can also be used hand-to-hand. 

This Chakram Splitting Ring consists of 2 halves that snap together with neodymium magnets to hold them together.

All 3D Printed in Grey/silver and Yellow/Gold PLA Plastic at 0.2mm layer height.

Item dimensions are 28cm outer diameter 19.5cm inner diameter and is 1cm thick approx. 

This is a great addition for your your cosplay or as a display piece to put on the wall. 

This item is ready to be painted (some light sanding may be required) 

This item is 3D Designed and Printed by 3D Delight. We tried our best to recreate the Prop, but this is not by any means an exact replica.

All 3D Printed items will have visible print lines and little imperfections. 3D Printing is not an exact science and occasional inconsistencies are a normal occurrence of this manufacturing method.